Brian DeFord's Adventure
Building a Cozy MK-IV

Chapter 4

Fuselage Bulkheads

The Cozy Mark-IV is built from scratch which means it is not a kit. You can fabricate every part of it if you have the tools and equipment. There are a number of pieces that are difficult for the average builder to fabricate and these are available pre-fabricated from authorized suppliers. However, the majority of the plane is built from raw material such as foam, wood, fiberglass cloth and epoxy.

My first order contained some specialized tools and supplies that are used throughout the building process. I ordered this on July 18, 1995. It consisted of an epoxy pump, cups, stir sticks, brushes, shears to cut epoxy and few other odds and ends. I placed my second order on August 16, 1995 which contained the materials for chapters 4-8 and 10-12. This is the bulk of the fuselage and the canard. I skipped Chapter 9 for the time being because it is the main landing gear and brakes. This can be done later as I was contemplating using a retractable system from Infinity Aerospace. The pictures below are what the foam looks like when you receive it.

Foam 1
Foam 2

After receiving the order, I was happily interrupted by the birth of my second daughter, Kara, on Aug 25, 1995. She came home from the hospital on the 26th and that afternoon with the help of my father-in-law I cut the first pieces of foam for the bulkheads and seat back. After about a week, all of the bulkheads were glassed and I was ready to begin building the sides of the fuselage in Chapter 5.